Our Services

Laser Cutting Machines

AMADA designed its fibre and CO2 laser cutting machines to meet all your application requirements.

Punching Machines

AMADA electric punching machines, from complex forming to tapping ensuring a high quality finished product.

Combination Machines

AMADA's range of punch/laser combination machines offers the ultimate flexible sheet metal solution. Combining the productivity of AMADA’s unique turret punch press with the addition of a fibre laser.

Bending Machines

AMADA’s comprehensive range of press brake machines give our customers maximum flexibility and cost-effective production. The AMADA range of press brakes covers stand-alone bending machines to the most complex robotic cells.

Laser Welding Machines

Using our unique variable beam control technology, AMADA fibre laser welding solutions provide flexibility and high performance, making them exceptional in terms of welding quality, speed, and output.


Increased productivity, reduced lead times and lower component costs with AMADA automated machines. Allowing for 24/7 production.