AMADA helps the next generation of engineers...

By Amada United Kingdom Limited
schedule15th Mar 23

Amada UK provides over 400 biplane samples for students at Calderdale College

Amada has provided over 400 mild steel biplanes for Calderdale College students to spark interest in engineering during their practical session. The sample included over 30 bends to complete, and while they were simple to bend, they required some thought to complete them in the correct order!



Making a difference for the engineers of the future...

At AMADA UK, we offer showroom tours, support for college / university projects, produce samples for hands-on instruction and have many educational sectors utilising our machinery.

We seek to expand the engineering industry and identify long-lasting potential by showing young people the opportunities that a career in engineering offers.



Why is it important to support education in the engineering industry?

A shortage of engineers in the future is a growing problem.  More individuals are needed to learn valuable skills that are rapidly declining. The Institution of Engineering and Technology reports over 49% of engineering companies, struggle to find relevant skills in the workplace. 


Are you looking to start a career in engineering?

If you would like to start a career in engineering, Amada UK will commence recruiting for its Summer 2023 Apprenticeship intake from the 1st of March. Current Engineering and other vacancies at Amada UK can be found here